BitLife Online – About the Game & Other Features

BitLife Online is a free game that uses texts as the central part of the gameplay. While it may look boring on paper, it is considered one of the most immersive life simulators games to ever come out as a free to play title since–well, other text-based worst-case-scenario games. Except for this time, there is no post-apocalypse, no having to get your people to survive. In this game, it’s you, yourself and your life.

Bitlife About Gameplay


Life & Other Things

BitLife is an adventure where you start off as a baby, and you get to choose what happens next in your character’s life. You can be a child genius, a teenage superstar in the making; an adult stuck in a dead-end job or an older man who dies from tripping in the bathroom.

Your decisions make the game. You do not follow the story but the story adapts to your choices. You can live a happily married life, a Casanova, or a basement dweller. You could even choose to live in the life of crime – a cat burglar at night, but a productive college student by day.