BitLife – Life Simulator | Free BitLife Gameplay Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Life is not always a bed of roses. That’s why a lot of us play simulation games like BitLife – Life Simulator PC to escape from the humdrum and chaos of our everyday life. However, these games also mimic real life. So in one way or another, bad decisions and silly choices are still going to be made.

However, that’s just part of the fun, isn’t it? Games like BitLife actually lets you lead a dangerous life without bearing real-world consequences. So if you can do anything you like, why not push your life to the edge in the BitLife game? Whether you want to lead a great BitLife or not, this handy guide can make the journey easier to achieve.


Managing Your BitLife Game Activities and Relationships

Choosing and doing varied activities is a major thing when you play BitLife. Many activities will not be done when your character is still young. However, more options will be unlocked as your character ages up. There are tons of activities for your character to do when he or she is still around 6 to 8 years old. This includes visits to the doctor, playing and bonding with pets, and reading or learning new skills!

However, there are also juvenile options when your character turns 8. He or she can start doing petty crimes such as pickpocketing, pirating, and shoplifting. 10-year-olds can also do burglaries! Hey, it’s your BitLife, so we are not judging. We are just telling you that these are available as options.

By the time your character hits the puberty stage, more activities and choices will be available. You can choose your sexual preference and come out to your loved ones as early as 12 years old. You can also build relationship and start dating! Go on hook-ups, and use birth control at the age of 14.

Your parents might disapprove of your girlfriend/boyfriend, or you could fight over stuff with your siblings. Certain social interactions are only available to people you are really close to. For example, you can only have a heart to heart talk with another character if you are on good terms with them. For instance, you might also get a cheating spouse, especially when his or her crazy level is high. Illnesses can also come your way. The activities you choose and the kind of relationships you cultivate will later determine your BitLife ribbon. But more on that later.


BitLife Online Education and Careers

BitLife has a realistic education aspect wherein your character can certainly go places. At the onset, you will attend Elementary and High School institutions. The journey will vary, depending on your country’s curriculum. Juveniles can also be dropped out of school.

After basic and secondary education, there are more options for your character. You can go to a community college or attend college at a university. There are eight majors that you can choose from. You have to choose this wisely because it can affect your academic options post-grad. Your chosen major will also affect your career options, of course.

In terms of career, there are tons of options as long as you finish High School. Those who do not have any educational background can still work as entertainers, actors, and housekeepers. Retail and cashier jobs are also available for those who have no education.

If your character has finished High School, he or she can work in service jobs and customer assistance. They can work in restaurants, airlines, hotels, or even serve in the police or fire department. Medical, legal, and academic professions require college and post-grad credentials. So if you want to go this route, you have to make your character study longer for it!


Determining Your BitLife – Life Simulator PC Ribbon

At the end of your BitLife – Life Simulator PC, you will get ribbons that could sum up your entire journey in the game. The ribbon you get will vary, depending on how you lived your life. If you give up the game too early, you will get the “Wasteful” ribbon.

There are 30 ribbons you can earn on BitLife. This includes “Academic,” “Wicked”, “Lustful” and so much more. Of course, the ribbons you get will entirely depend on how you live your life. So you can always get either funny titles or ordinary titles that can make you go silly.