How to Play BitLife Online – PC Gameplay Tutorial

The BitLife game may be primarily played on handheld but you can do so now with the power of the PC. All you need to do is just go through the official Games LOL page and find BitLife there. You can get the BitLife download online for free on the page and play it directly on your computer without any fuss and hassle. Also, the game runs faster than emu programs too – which is another reason why you should get it here.

Bit Life Relationships


How to Play BitLife PC Version

First thing you will need to do is download the game from the official Games LOL page. Once you click the PLAY NOW button, the browser will download the installer. Inside it is a 2 in 1 package that includes the BitLife game and the Games LOL launcher. Both will automatically run when you finish the installation. You will also find a shortcut icon of the game on your desktop. You can double-click on this anytime to start the game quickly. No emu needed.

Basics on How to Play BitLife – Life Simulator

The game is heavily based on texts so you shouldn’t worry about any complex gaming skills and any essential tips to remember. All you need to know is that the game is a literal life simulator – you play your character starting as a baby and try to keep your character alive growing. To advance in the game, you will need to make choices; choices that will determine the end results and epilogue of the game: will you die of starvation because of bankruptcy or lie on your bed waiting to pass away as an old man? There are over 100 known endings in the game which makes the whole experience highly replayable to see the various results.

How You Live Your Life is Up to You

There are no linear paths nor any cinematics that you have to trouble yourself through. The game gives you unlimited freedom to pick whatever choice you like. Want to take drugs with your brother? Sure, why not? Drop out of college in hopes of inventing the next big thing in technology? Sure, go for broke. Become a priest AND a sergeant at the same time? That’s possible! That’s the beauty about BitLife’s gameplay – be whatever you want, however you want.

So, whenever you have free time to try and play the game, download it and discover how your life will turn out. Catch the Bitlife Game on the download page of this site. Or, simply click the “Play Now” Button you can see on the screen.