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BitLife Online – Why Bad Choices Are the Best Choices in the Game

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At its core, BitLife is very unpredictable. Every time you make a new game session, the results always vary. Sometimes your character becomes a successful lawyer, other times he may be selling illegal arms in the dark web. So many choices, so little time. But, if you wish to spice things up in the game, so it doesn’t look dull and “too normal”, why not try our advice: go with the wrong choices.

Come on, sometimes being bad feels good, right? And we don’t mean it in a realistic sense: be bad in the BitLife game. You’d be surprised at the results and may even leave you with lots of laughs. We know we did after our innocent Javier who excelled in Science became a drug dealer and a cosplayer at the same time. Go ahead and try it. It’s enjoyable.

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Yielding Unexpected Results

You might say “oh no” when your character becomes a teenage delinquent. Still, it ends with some funny outcomes as she turns into an accidental rockstar or a huge viral meme on social media. You might think leaving school will turn in some terrible events, but it could be a blessing in disguise if you decide on some spontaneous actions.

Who knows? Maybe your character becomes the next Pewdiepie or a pro gamer. At some point, you can use that addiction to become a therapist who is a former addict and establish your recreational facility and rehabilitation.

Dying From Old Age is Boring, So Die Another Way

Do we sound a bit sadistic here? Well, there are multiple ways to die in BitLife Online. Much like there are several choices of careers, peers and family activities. Some may say dying from other causes than old age is terrible. Still, you’d be surprised at so many dumb ways to die in the game: slipping on the bathroom floor, a piano falls on you, dying from too much “happiness” in a sleazy bar, and even get abducted in space and never be seen again.

In BitLife, Bad is Also Good

Make lots of enemies become part of the army, invade innocent countries and see how much of an evil madman you become throughout the game. And if you join the Chemistry course, you can even become an evil genius. Or, if you want to become domestically cruel, ignore your family, cheat and file for a divorce while getting the better prenup.

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