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BitLife Online – What Are the Good Choices To Make in the Game

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BitLife has over 100 endings, and they all depend on your choices. However, not a lot of people get the results they want. They end up in very terrible conclusions like getting killed from an overdose, getting shot in the foot or dying from cancer. Fortunately, we rounded up some useful tips to bring to the right endings. Hopefully, to live out your dreams in the game and die prosperous and happy with your family surrounding you.

Ignoring & Talking Are the Safest

When an event happens such as your classmate doing mischievous things in school or your co-worker suddenly interrupting, you will face several choices such as beating the person up, tell the superior, have a talk or ignore. There are two safest choices here: talk and ignore. Talk is to show the perception of the person doing the action while ignoring will result in an uneventful ending of the event. Attacking will lead to some severe consequences such as fights or even a shootout. Your co-worker may even charge you for assault and put you in prison for a year.

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Talk With Your Friends & Family

There is no time limit in the game so always take your time when it comes to one age. Before you press the + button, you should check out the Relationships Tab and interact with at least three people in it. It could be your family or your childhood friends. Doing so will yield great results like large family inheritance, healthier networks, and even fall in love and have a family of your own.

Not Going to College Does Not Mean Bad Ending

Much like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Kobe Bryant, you can choose to drop out of school or even not go to the university at all. Of course, you will need to find a job, but expect to get the lamest blue-collar work like a sales clerk in a grocery store or a janitor in a corporate building. Eventually, suppose your character is a hard-worker, you will naturally earn work experience and use it to either promote yourself or find a job with better wages.

Always Skip Out on Bad Influences

Whether your brother wants you to drink booze with him or take drugs with your co-workers, always say no. The game will automatically result in you into a drug addict, drunkard, maniac or even mentally unstable.

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