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Tips to Win Lottery in Bitlife Simulator PC

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If you want to play a game that resembles experiences in real life, you’ve got to play Bitlife Simulator PC. It’s not just any typical simulation game, where you have an avatar on a screen that you can control. But it’s a text-based game, where you get to make decisions on someone’s life, and see how these decisions affect the outcomes of their life. The cool thing about this game is that you get a taste of many real-life experiences along the way.

One of these experiences is winning the lottery. However, just like in real life, winning the lottery in the game is not easy. It takes time, so you have to be patient. If you’re willing to persevere and wait for a long time to win the lottery, then read on the article for some tips.

Tip #1: Buy More Lottery Tickets 

Before the 2019 update, you can only buy ten tickets maximum in one year. Even though the maximum tickets are too low, a lot of players have luck in winning the lottery. However, you can now purchase more than ten tickets that enable you with more chances to win the lottery. But the thing is, you have to have lots of money to buy tickets repeatedly. So, make sure your bank balance is high.


Tip #2: Buy Tickets When the Lottery Amount is High

Similar to real life, the lottery amount changes frequently. Sometimes, the amount is high. Sometimes, it’s low. So, to win big, buy lottery tickets where the lottery amount is high. Now, you have to keep in mind that the lottery amount changes every time you open the game. So, the trick here is to open and close the game until you get a high lottery amount. Moreover, once you got the high amount already, that’s the time you should buy lottery tickets.

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These tips are the most important ones you should keep in mind to win the lottery. Though again, there’s no easy way to win the lottery since it is all on luck. The key here is never to give up and be patient to win the game. Are you up for some challenges now? Well, grab your chance now, and don’t wait up. Download and play now!