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What is BitLife Life Simulator?

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Have you heard about the BitLife Simulator Free game? If you do, yet you’re clueless about how to play the game, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be giving you some of the necessary details about this fun simulation game.

What is Bitlife Simulator?

This exciting game is a text-based simulation game released in September 2018. Developed by Candywriter, LLC, this game lets you decide what choices you should be taking when given a situation. It’s a “bit” of life with humorous elements.

Because of its unique gameplay and interactive features, the game won awards and recognitions. Just last year, Apple recognized it as the 5th top free iPhone game. Even in the same year where it came out, it was one of 2018’s most significant mobile games. Given the positive reviews of this game even months after its release, it’s evident that this game goes a long way.

How to Play Bitlife Simulator Free?

This game is very beginner-friendly. Since it’s only a text-based game, all you need to do is to click on the choices based on each scenario simply. The only thing that you’ll probably find difficulty in doing is making the choices (that is if you’re taking the game way too seriously).

If you’re new to the game, you’ll start at age 0. And on the screen, you’ll find some details of your life, like your parent’s name, your address, your parent’s details, etc. The features that you will see on the screen varies. So, even if you start a new life (game), you’ll see that the details that appear on the screen are different.


Bitlife Life Simulator Play


To keep the game going, you just need to click on the “Age” button found in the center. Each time you click the button, different scenarios will appear as you age increasingly. Pop-up messages will also appear on the screen, where you’ll be given a script and set of choices for you to pick. Keep in mind that every decision that you make will determine your character’s life.

Moreover, you’ll also have an option to perform activities for the character that you control. These activities are the essential mechanics that give spice of life throughout the gameplay. These include adoption, emigrate, go to the doctor, and more. You can check these out on the “Activities” tab.


Despite how easy the Bitlife Simulator Free is, it sure is addicting. You get to experience different aspects of life without having to deal with the consequences in the real world. At some point, this game may be stressful for other players, but all in all, it’s fun and exciting!